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I started full-time work just two weeks ago, so I haven’t had much time for any development lately. However, a more serious problem is that the microphone on my €5 headset stopped working, so I’ve had a bit of a problem recording sounds for the adverts that mock the player. I had been using some silly effects from FreeSound – particularly this evil laugh – but they had nothing to do with the adverts.

So, I’ve had to use the “Microsoft Anna” voice, and I have to say it worked out surprisingly well. It’s a bit fiddly to record them using Audacity, as they were too quiet and had about three or four seconds of empty space on either side from me switch between the programmes, but Audacity makes it quite easy to delete empty space and amplify the rest.

With those recordings, Valentine’s Day Escape is currently at version 0.7, and is still available from my Dropbox folder.