Completed Projects

This is a list of my completed projects.

Tactical Pathfinding Simulations
This was my thesis project for my Master’s degree in Software Design & Development, examining the concept of tactical path-finding in video games. For those who know nothing about video games, it basically meant putting two teams of bots into a fight while getting one of them to do stuff like, for instance, avoid a position if an ally had died near that position. The statistics weren’t significant enough to prove this, but I learned a fair amount on this.

Valentine’s Day Escape (Windows only)
Not my first game, but the first that wasn’t rubbish. It’s a procedurally generated endless runner, in which Big Romance decides to have the player killed for not taking part in Valentine’s Day. The player’s goal is to get as high a score as possible, which can be done by travelling further, or by launching overcooked loaves of brack at airships and mocking adverts. It can be found here.

Spamocalypse: Aftermath (Windows, Mac, Linux)
A first-person stealth-based game in the style of Thief, inspired by some particularly obnoxious spammers on the Unity3D forums. I originally intended to use it to figure out how to make NPCs see the player if the player’s surroundings are bright enough, or hear the player’s footsteps, but then I started extending it to develop other mechanics. You can find it on GameJolt.


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